Who is Nezu?

I’m a writer, a keeper of pet rats, a musician, a geek, a scholar, and a friend. A classic jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, I am insatiably curious, highly intuitive, and spontaneous to a fault. I love to start projects but often don’t finish them. I’m a terrible procrastinator. Creativity, growth, and the pursuit of happiness are what it’s all about for me.

I was born in Michigan, raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and make my home near San Francisco.

I have been a stage manager, a graphic designer, and a computer user interface designer. Now I write fiction.

I have some disabling health issues, and I’m not emo about them.

The things I’m best at: Writing, editing, talking, staying up late, singing, drawing, designing, problem solving, learning, listening, and being a friend.

The things I’m worst at: Tidying, accounting, cooking, having self-discipline, running, managing time.

The things about me you’d remember best if you met me in person: My bright blue hair, my laugh, my size, my generosity of spirit, and my smile.


4 Responses to “Who is Nezu?”

  1. i like rats. i don’t fit in. i am quite emo and i am far too old to be emo.


    • Oh, I can emo with the best of them under the right circumstances. *laughs* But I’m not emo about the disability. Much. I’ve made my peace with that particular issue, for the most part.

      And yay rats!

  2. I miss having blue hair but can’t be arsed with the bleaching necessary to get it that way these days..

    • It’s a pain to be sure, but so worth it. Blue is way better than grey, at least on me. *grin* I”d wondered if yours used to be blue, based on your icon.

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