Dream Thievery

Please enjoy interpreting this:

I dreamed I stole a skirt.

I dreamed I was at an art fair and I stole a long, slender, multi-layered, beige, hand-made paper skirt from a paper maker’s booth. This guy did gorgeous Japanese-style shouji papers, and I walked out of his unattended booth at the end of the fair with a rolled up something in my hand. In another tent I unfurled it and realized what I had was a somewhat Edwardian-style skirt.

I felt guilty about the theft, because stealing is wrong, but also that little thrill of having gotten away with it. And then I proceeded to argue with myself about whether there was any justification for keeping the skirt, since I obviously wouldn’t wear it and I didn’t want to give it away, and here in this other tent was a display of more of the artist’s work so it would be very easy to put it down with his stuff and make it look like no one had ever even considered a theft.

My argument  for keeping it consisted entirely of  “but it’s cool and pretty, and I sort-of like it, and it’s art.”

Symbolism? Gender-related? Merely the product of an exhausted brain in garbage-collection mode? You tell me.


~ by Nezu on 29 May 2011.

2 Responses to “Dream Thievery”

  1. Perhaps you’ve received something you don’t feel worthy of? Perhaps you’re too warm and need something cooler to wear? 😉

  2. Several threads woven in that one most likely. Here are some guesses… Dont feel worthy of the huge purchase happening in your life. Like someone will find out and think you stole the money or that you are a ‘bad’ person and tell you no. But you really like what you are buying yet in the dream your like is trivialized.

    Its like a child who picks up something really cool knowing that someone is about to yell at them for picking it up. But they dont want to put it down because its really cool.

    Overworked brain can certainly explain all of it… 🙂


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