Inked at Last!

I’m in the UK visiting DK. Yesterday ze took me to get my first ever tattoo. I’d been planning it for something like two years. Maybe longer. It’s totally brilliant.

ANBU Tattoo

It took about an hour

ANBU Tattoo

It didn't really hurt that much.

ANBU Tattoo

It's hard to photograph by yourself.

I have glee.

If you’re wondering what the symbol is about, the elevator pitch answer is: it’s a fire symbol meaning, among other things, “will of fire” and it has a lot of personal significance to me.

If you’re wondering why I fell off the internet map for two months, I was insanely busy throughout November and December directing the world premier of a gender-bending musical in San Francisco, about three drag performers (two queens and a king) named Gold, Frank N Sense, and Myrrh, and their involvement with the birth and rearing of a baby boy who has two dads and/or two moms, to a couple named Mary and Joe.

Show got a great review, ran two consecutive weekends to near sellout crowds, and then I got on a plane and came to the UK last Saturday. I hope to resume posting with more regularity soon.


~ by Nezu on 28 January 2011.

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