Transgender Day of Remembrance

Saturday November 20 was Transgender Day of Remembrance. I wanted to write something poignant and meaningful about it, that would have extra punch because I have several transgender friends and loved ones, and am, myself, certainly on the trans spectrum. But I couldn’t think of anything to say.

It’s one of those things, I guess, like National Coming Out Day, where there’s this set aside date for the cause, but instead of a day of celebration, as NCOD is, it’s a day of mourning. A day of marking the fact that transgendered people are still the least safe of our queer tribe. And that’s not an easy thing to write about.

I mean, yes. Yes, we do need to remember those who have suffered, those who have died, those who went before us and trod an even more treacherous path. We need to honor them. We need to make a space for them. But I want a day to celebrate trans life more than a day to grieve untimely trans death. There is very little you can say in mourning beyond, “they died too soon, for all the wrong reasons, and their deaths leave the world diminished.”

This is my dream. In addition to a Day of Remembrance, let’s mark out and celebrate a Transgender Day of Affirmation. When we have that day, we’ll know those deaths were not for nothing.


~ by Nezu on 21 November 2010.

2 Responses to “Transgender Day of Remembrance”

  1. I second the motion on having a day of celebration too. Rememberance is important, and really makes me appreciate how luck I’ve been to live where I do and have the life that I do. But having a day to celebrate the living, not because “we survived”, but because we’re proud of who and what we are, is a brilliant idea.

    Any ideas on a date?

  2. (WordPress bug preventing me from replying to a comment)

    For Bron – Thank you! I don’t have a day picked out. Maybe it should be something historical, like Joan of Arc’s birthday?

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