Pretender to the Throne

My name, Nezu, comes from a long-held online identity: Nezuko, Prince of Rats. Online was one of the first places I was able to adopt a masculine persona that matched better with my inner sense of self, and it’s still the ID I use.

Well, you know what happens to princes when they grow up? They become kings.

As I’ve mentioned before, I sing in the choir at Peninsula Metropolitan Community Church. This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, and on the Sunday before Halloween, our pastor told the congregation to be sure to come to church the following week because the choir would be in costume. “We will?” we said to each other. And then “We will.” Because we’re a choir that does things like that. It helps that Halloween is our choir director’s absolute favorite holiday. He and his partner went out as H1 and N1 last year, complete with little pig noses. This year they continued the vermin and pestilence theme by dressing as bed bugs. But I digress…

I had no ideas for a costume, and was considering a white sheet with eyeholes a la the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. But my friend JB, the awesome author of the Femmemoble, needed a costume and we had plans to get together and see a movie a couple days before Halloween anyway, so off we went to the Halloween Superstore. She didn’t find what she was looking for, but I found a bright, shiny plastic crown and a cheesy moustache. Hahaha, I thought, I can be a drag king.

When I told my idea to my friend Momo, she said that was cheating. You can’t go as yourself for Halloween. But see, I’m not a drag king. I’ve never performed drag. And anyway it was a pun, and for Halloween at the gay church. So…

King NezuNote the truly fabulous shoes. Remember them?

Nezu with now crownAt home, without the crown. The awesome tie came from a second hand shop in the Castro

Nezu is a benevolent kingI am a benevolent ruler

I couldn’t get the cheesy moustache to stick, despite prodigious spirit gumming, so I went with drawing it on. What surprised me was how many of my gay male friends told me I was shockingly hot as a boy. Heh.

Nezu at the beachAt the beach, a mere prince once more


~ by Nezu on 12 November 2010.

4 Responses to “Pretender to the Throne”

  1. Awesome pictures!!!

  2. How curious. In the two pictures of you in the crown where you’re looking fairly serious, you TOTALLY look like a guy. (And a handsome one at that!) In the picture of you in the crown where you’re smiling, the illusion fades a bit. (I can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s cuz your earrings are visible? The shape of your face changes just a bit when you smile?) And yet, on the beach with the glasses and the hat, I get an impression of more male than female.

    Anyway, you looked great!

    • I think it must be something about the eyes, in close up. When I’m wearing my shades, I get read as a guy, but when my eyes are visible, I’m usually read as a girl, no matter which glasses I’m wearing.

      And thanks! Yeah, I should dress up more often. I think if I ever transitioned, I’d totally grow the goatee 😀

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