Reasons to Love Pacifica

There are a lot of things I’m loving about my new community, especially the gorgeous walk I get to take along the coast a block from my house. I found out where I’ve been walking is part of the Golden Gate National Parks, an area known as Mori Point.

Mori Point September Afternoon

Walking south is its own reward on a sunny afternoon

Mori Point in September Fog

Mori Point in the fog has a subtler beauty

Mori Point Wetlands in September Fog

The wetlands on the other side of the trail are spectacular, too

Taking that walk almost every day, I encounter many people taking similar strolls. About a quarter of them are senior citizens, and about a quarter of them are Asian. There aren’t as many Spanish speakers here as in my old neighborhood, but there are some. Lots of stroller-pushers and joggers and dog-walkers β€” enough that I’m starting to wish I had a dog of my own, despite my allergies. There are a good many couples, covering all age ranges. But here’s the next thing to love about Pacifica: some of those couples are lesbians.

Not a lot, but some. Which is way more than the none I used to see in Redwood City. And it’s not just that I keep running into the same women over and over. I’ve spoken to a few of them, and nodded a friendly butch-to-butch hello to others. I had one of those moments yesterday, when I was walking with my headphones on, and I saw a couple approaching out of the fog. One was clearly feminine, but the other, from a distance could have been a man or a woman. But something pinged my gaydar, and as they drew nearer I think this butch had a similar experience with me: from a distance we’d both sized each other up as possibly male and maybe unfriendly β€” then we got close enough to really see each other, and we both broke into big “I recognize you for who you are” smiles.

Later on that same walk, way out at the end of the point where the trail starts to climb the bluffs, a slender, long-haired, very feminine woman came up to me out of the fog and said in a rushed voice, “I just want to say I’m really glad to see you. I’ve been in North Carolina all week.”

I had been kind of wrapped up in my own thoughts, and I’m sure I gave her a completely puzzled look.

“There’s no diversity there,” she said. That’s when I remembered that my hair is blue: did she mean that? I offered her a slightly confused smile.

“I’m a lesbian,” she told me, smiled back, and then kind of took off before I could really respond. I turned around and called after her, “Welcome back!” but she was already jogging away.

Still. Yeah. Heh. Pretty femme said she was glad to see me walking along being my big butch self. I’ll admit there was a little bit of a cocky strut to my walk on the way home. I hope I run into her on the beach again, when I’m a little more with it, and can strike up an actual conversation.


~ by Nezu on 30 September 2010.

6 Responses to “Reasons to Love Pacifica”

  1. Excellent. Truly excellent. I’m really happy for you. πŸ™‚ (And I’ll let you know the next time I have a Berkeley trip planned!)

  2. Keep an eye open for a blonde, femme lesbian of south african origin (her accent faded though) who I went to school with πŸ™‚ she lives there too.

  3. I hope you are more with it too. But clearly you didnt have to be to get a response!!

  4. Have you moved to the right place, or what? Mom

  5. That’s so awesome!

  6. Gorgeous photos–I am truly envious. Although I get to look up at the mountains every day, so I guess there’re trade-offs. Yesterday Fi and I took a hike up the side of the mountain to a look-out point where we could see all of the valley as the sun set behind the mountain range on the other side. It was a stunning view. This is a pretty amazing world, isn’t it?

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