Dress Up Shoes

I just got home from San Diego. Moving in and unpacking are fun, and living at the beach is awesome, but hey, Southern California beaches are awesome too, plus I had tickets to see Muse. So off I went to San Diego for the weekend with my friend (and former girlfriend) Momo, for concert going (you can read my review here) and San Diego chilling. It’s the San Diego chilling part I want to talk about. In particular the browsing around Hillcrest, San Diego’s queer neighborhood, and the awesome shoes I found in a second-hand shop there.

When I was a little kid, dress up shoes were black patent leather mary janes. Like these:

black patent leather mary janes

I wore shoes like these every Sunday until I was seven

At the time I failed to appreciate the wondrousness of black patent leather, since every little girl in existence (as far as I was aware) had identical black dress-up shoes. Except for those lucky few whose licentious mothers allowed them to wear white ones (too easily scuffed, according to my mother) red ones (too loud) or, the ones I wanted badly, blue ones (tacky). Adding insult to injury, when my little sister came along four years later, and she got old enough to have a say in shoes, she got navy blue patent leather mary janes without even a moment of controversy. But I digress.

I’ve come to appreciate black leather. Black leather for my jacket. Black leather for the seats of my car. Black leather for my favorite boots. Black leather for the jeans I wish I had the courage (and body) to own and wear. Patent leather remained outside the realm of possibility for me, though. Too shiny. Too fancy. Too girly. Until Friday. Friday, when I found the most fantastic black patent leather and ostrich skin dress up shoes, in a Hillcrest second-hand shop.

black patent leather and ostrich skin wingtips

How can you not love these shoes?

Those right there, in fact. Stacy Adams Daytons (that picture is a link, in case you want a pair for yourself. They also come in burgundy.) They look like they’ve been worn a handful of times at most. Brand new, you will notice, they are listed at $100. I got them for $28, which is pretty much icing. Momo guessed they were stolen and fenced, but I declared that what really happened was that the former owner cheated on his boyfriend, and in retaliation said boyfriend sold his philandering lover’s nice shoes to the second-hand shop.

Where this happy butch picked them up for a song. Now I just need an excuse to wear them.

Edit: I have to add this commentary from my friend Phi, who, upon reading this post, IM’d me, “OOOH your shoes are awesome!! Those shoes don’t need an occasion. Those shoes ARE an occasion.”



~ by Nezu on 27 September 2010.

18 Responses to “Dress Up Shoes”

  1. Hey! I have black patent leather shoes like those. Only in stilettos.

  2. The shoes are awesome but I do wish they came in navy blue. I’m sorry about being so uptight re the blue mary janes, and then making it ever more unfair by letting your sister get any color she wanted. If you find a navy blue patent leather show that’s wonderful, let me know and we’ll see about getting them.

    Love you, Mom

  3. Of course I meant “shoe” not “show”, thought a navy blue patent leather show might be interesting, too. If you go to one, tell me about it.


    • I love you, Mom. <333 If I find a navy blue patent leather show, I'll get tickets for both of us.

      • I don’t think a patent leather show is the sort you take your mother to, no matter HOW awesome and understanding she is…

  4. Jealous!

  5. I really really wish your mom would blog.

    • I’ll pass that along — I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know she has a fan 😀 I wish she would blog, too, but I know her energy is limited and she wants to spend her efforts on her artwork. She does have a Caring Bridge journal about her cancer treatment, but that’s not quite the same thing. Still, if you’re interested, it’s here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lenda

  6. Cool 🙂

  7. Checkin her cancerblog out + it is the kinda thing 🙂 – the photos of her with v short hair show a v beautiful and kind face.

    • Thanks! You’re a sweetheart to say so. Leave her a note in her guestbook if you like, I’m sure she’d be delighted.

  8. Will go try, if this phone let’s me 🙂

    Btw your comment on my blog cracked me up completely lol

  9. Woohoo. Those are cool shoes. I want a pair or maybe just a reason to wear such things. I have the spagetti strap lilac rhinestone endowed top that I just bought at GW for $9. that I can wear out if you wear your shoes!

  10. Wanna? Group wordpress blog or something?

  11. […] Note the truly fabulous shoes. Remember them? […]

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