Peaceful in Pacifica

Well, I’ve been living in Pacifica for a week. I have two (of many) pieces of art on the wall, satellite television and stereo installed, a lot of the china in the china hutch, and quilts on the bed, but my clothes are mostly on the floor, and every book I own is still in boxes. Still, I’m making progress. Today’s accomplishments included breaking down a lot of cardboard boxes, doing a load of laundry, washing the dishes (no dishwasher anymore, alas), cleaning the big rat cage, hanging the two aforementioned pictures, changing the hall ceiling light, installing a new toilet seat (I broke the old one in half >.> go ahead and laugh), making up the bed with fresh (and new!) sheets, putting up a neat little key hook and metal basket thingy by the door, and setting up a second living room lamp.

Hook and basket thingy where my sunglasses and pocket contents live when I’m home

I’m still on “borrowed” internet, unfortunately, so my net access is a bit flaky. AT&T is coming out next Tuesday to install optical internet, which will be faster than DSL, so that’s good, but the delay is annoying. To make it up to me, though, they’re giving me a $75 gift card, which I can use to cover the cost of the modem, so it’s a free modem in the end.

It was gorgeous and sunny here last weekend. Now it’s foggy and drizzly, which is status normal for Pacifica, so I’m told. So far I actually kind of like the cool and damp, and the grey isn’t too oppressive since I painted my walls cheery colors. I got a weather station/atomic clock, which has a wireless transponder for measuring outdoor temperature and humidity and so forth. Currently it’s 72.5°F (22.5°C) with 68% humidity inside, and 63.0°F (17.2°C) with 93% humidity outside.

I’ll post some in-progress photos of the house soon, but for now how about some shots of the great outdoors?

Pacifica pier, a block from my house, in fog (taken two weeks ago, but that’s what it looked like today, too)

Pacifica pier last Saturday. On a sunny day here, it’s gorgeous!

The “boardwalk” where I’m trying to make it a habit to walk every day

My view as I walk south along that path

Me, on Sunday morning, on my walk


~ by Nezu on 18 September 2010.

3 Responses to “Peaceful in Pacifica”

  1. Darling! Everything is so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous and wonderful. I will see if I can get up there again soon and help with unpacking. All the new babies in our neighborhood showed up at the end of last week and kiddo has been very excited. And wants to be home now all the time! 🙂

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