Cobalt is the New Turquoise

Got my hair cut again, shorter this time. And since it’s so short now, when I bleach out the roots it pretty much bleaches everything, making changing colors easy. I went with a rich lapis lazuli hue this time, made of one part Fishbowl and two parts Blue Mayhem. I’m thinking I might leave it a little longer on top next cut, but I’m totally digging the buzzed sides.

OK, that's a little better
JB took pics for me, because she is awesome like that. This was the same day I accompanied her on her quest for red sandals. More pics below.

I also got my binders, and wow. Loving them. Except for the getting into and out of them, which hurts my shoulders like crazy. I have really broad shoulders and narrow hips (lucky, I know, for someone who ain’t exactly feminine on the inside) so I’m using the step in and wriggle it up method, but it still hurts like a sumbitch to get the straps over my shoulders, and I’m getting some sad little chafe marks where the shoulder straps lie.

Also, there is the underboob sweat issue. Fellow binders, any suggestions? Old Spice Swagger isn’t doing much to counter the problem. My solution was to cut a strip of flannel and slip it in under there, which is working pretty well.

On Sunday I took a rather spectacular header at church. (I go to a queer church, did I mention that? JB aptly described it as a place where the congregation is so completely queer we have to be tolerant of straight people.) Anyway, I tripped on thin air and did a total faceplant, which you can read about and laugh at in detail at the first link in this paragraph. The trouble is I skinned up my left elbow pretty badly, and getting into and out of the binder necessitates scraping the skinned elbow through the arm hole, and yoiks! that’s ouchy (and bleedy)!

But anyway, the point is, bound and shorn, I am rather deliriously happy. A lot of people, and I mean pretty much everyone who knows me even a little well, have commented on how much more confident, centered and myself I seem. They say they can barely remember my long hair, and remark on how this butch look is so much more me. So much more in alignment with who they knew me to be.


Also, I’ve been thinking about JB’s coming to terms with her femme identity, and realizing I’m pretty much doing the same damn thing with respect to butch. At first I said, “I can’t be that,” then, “Maybe I’m a little that,” and now I’m getting to the point where I can say, “Yep, that’s pretty much me.” I might not be butch the same way Bond or Yondergen or Ivan or DK or Sugarbutch or S. Bear are (or were, in the case of S. Bear, who has transitioned), but that’s neither here nor there. After all, none of those excellent butches are cookie cutters of each other, and thank god for that, because what a dull world if there were only one way to be butch.

Finally, shirts. I went shopping with a local butch bro Michelle, the one who is getting married in a few weeks, and uh… spent my entire clothing budget for a year at once. But dudes, I got some excellent things, including a perfect outfit for the wedding, and more importantly, this awesome motorcycle shirt. If you don’t think this shirt is awesome, something is probably wrong with you.

Motorcycle Shirt of Awesome
Michelle took this pic of me in the motorcycle shirt of awesome.

Bobby da Boid in the background. I squint when I smile.
That’s JB’s Bobby da Boid in the background. I squint when I smile.

Was TOTALLY goofing off, and JB missed me making a face, but she got a good shot of my hair.
I was totally goofing off and making faces at JB, which she just missed getting on film, but she did capture this good shot of the hair.

Epic Bed Hair Part 2
The bed hair remains epic.


~ by Nezu on 5 May 2010.

8 Responses to “Cobalt is the New Turquoise”

  1. *dies* I kind of adore your bed hair. And also that bed face. *dies more*


    • I’m aware that my morning face is a bit tragic >.> Honestly the fact I could figure out how to work the camera at all within the first half hour after arising is a small miracle.

  2. Your bedhair is lovely and awesome. I really want to play with it. 😀

  3. Hot DAMN! you’re looking good, Nezu. I’m rather jealous of your hair. I have a cut that is quite “respectable” at the moment, but as soon as grad pics are done, I’m cutting it similarly. Well, maybe without the blue.

    • Thanks, Yondergen! Awesome for new haircuts and graduation for you, too! Hopw you’ll post some pics.

  4. So much fun shopping with you & that motorcycle shirt picture is gonna get you dates! Great idea to have me take it against the brick. See you sunday – curious to see which new shirt you’ll be sportin’. But no flying this week, k? I read you post about the flight & I couldn’t stop laughing (sorry).

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