Cut It Off!

I’ve been contemplating getting my hair cut short for about nine months. That’s long enough to let any idea gestate, don’t you think? Most friends and family made sad faces when I mentioned the prospect. They loved the long blue. Don’t cut it, they said. But some friends, notably DK, Momo (my ex), JB, and a few butch friends at church were very encouraging. Wednesday I made an appointment. Today…



I had it cut at Faux Salon in Campbell, CA by Isaac Sesody, who used to cut my hair something like twelve years or so ago, back when it was still brown and I was still trying to fit into the corporate world. I remembered Faux being a place where bright colors and fabulous hair were the norm, and that Isaac was cool. So I called them and sure enough, he was still there. And still cool.

Amber Hallet, assistant; Nezu; Isaac Sesody, stylist

When I told Isaac I wanted it cut dykishly short, longer on the top to balance my jaw he just asked, “Boy short?” “Boy short,” I replied. And then it was off to the races. We agreed on a chunkier, messier, more layered cut. We spent a lot of time fine-tuning color. Then Isaac and Amber placed a rubber band about halfway down, and the initial, no-turning-back cut was made.

The hair jellyfish

The hair anemone from a different angle

At that point the remaining hair was just above my shoulders. Then it was about four hours of shampoo, cut, bleach, bleach some more, rinse, debate color options some more, color, rinse, and style with some special goop!

Isaac was awesome, and told me he loved getting to do radical changes. During the coloring phase of the operation he wore a black pleather apron and black vinyl gloves, and I joked that he made a good Leather Daddy Stylist. We decided the safeword was “pomade.”

Speaking of pomade, the styling goop, which I bought a jar of on my way out, is a Japanese product called Cool Grease. In addition to the Japanese text on the packaging, on the side of the package it says in English, “Be Cool! Instantly” and in Engrish, “A wonderful shaping! This incredible pomade ‘Cool Grease’ that holds styling shape in place. And does not harm or damage your hair for everyday look. Confidence that make your hair look masculine.”

So appropriate for Japanophile me, don’t you think?

A couple of friends asked me in the day or so before if I was going to cry, and honestly I thought I might, since I tend to be sentimental like that, and I’ve worn my hair long since I was six years old (with the exception of the regrettable Dorothy Hamill cut when I was eleven. We don’t speak of that.) But I wasn’t sad. Not even a little. From the first cut I was joyous. Gleeful, even. And I’m absolutely ecstatic about the result. I take off my glasses and the earrings, look in the mirror, and I see the boy inside looking back. It’s so many kinds of awesome I don’t even know where to begin. And I put on the glasses and earrings and it’s a kind of gender-melding look that is just as fabulous.

So I did it! I cut off my hair. It still feels strange as hell that there’s no curtain swishing when I turn my head, and I can’t stop touching it. I still have this big goofy grin on my face about it.

So tell me… What do you think?


~ by Nezu on 20 March 2010.

7 Responses to “Cut It Off!”

  1. That’s way cool! It will take some getting use to, but the grin on your face is wonderful.
    What a super thing for you to do. Much love, Mom

  2. Love it! (408)378-faux

  3. Lookin’ good, miss(ter)y! Very flattering, and what straight teeth you have.

    • Heh, thanks! I think “misster” has a good deal of potential as an appellation *grin* And oh, those teeth… SO much money and effort, but it was worth it.

  4. Hey, there. Hope you don’t mind someone random commenting, but wanted to let you know that your hair looks great! I recently cut my hair “boy-short” myself and got these deep red streaks and am going around feeling deeply satisfied.

    The color and the length of your hair looks awesome on you!

    • Thanks! I’m delighted to hear from “someone random” and a fellow cutter-of-hair. *fist bump* Just out of curiosity, how did you happen by?

      • I was in a Naruto fanfiction type of mood, so I read some old JBMcDragon and then discovered her other blog and read through some posts. I think your comments are very insightful.

        So I stopped by here. In short, I found your blog on queer identity through my sentimental affection for a kid’s tv show.

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